Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Laundry Day~!

I have about a million and a half* t-shirts from Goodwill. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but I'm sure they'll have their uses.. Goodwill is awesome for the shirts. They have this huge rack of HUGE men's t-shirts for only two bucks a piece.. How can a crafster resist?? The women's tops, of course, are more than twice that. The great thing is, though, that not only can these large t-shirts be pared down to woman's size, they lend a creativity to the wardrobe that simply buying a fully made t-shirt can't match.

So, where does the laundry day come in? Well, this post certainly isn't about me taking my dirty socks to the laundromat.. or IS it?? dun dunn DUNNNNN!

Ok, ok, it's not. The internet has enough banal crap for me to not throw THAT in...

Lately there have been spiders in my apartment. I'm rather arachnaphobic so naturally this doesn't slide. Every time I've seen one, though, is when I've been handling a t-shirt from Goodwill. The result is that now, regardless as to whether or not the shirts are spider vehicles, I get this creepy crawling feeling and can't seem to get anything done for al the paranoid looking around and shuddering.

My solution? Is it maybe taking my dirty T-SHIRTS to the laundromat? Of course not! That would be too easy! Instead I took the stick by our sliding glass window and filled the bathtub..

This is me pushing the t-shirts around trying to get all the detergent out.(fair warning if you try this: USE RUBBER GLOVES. My hands HATED me when I was done with this :( )

These are the t-shirts hanging quite neatly from the shower curtain rod in my bathroom

This is the same thing, but with a shot of the soon-to-be-soaked towel on the floor.

And, finally, last but CERTAINLY NOT least... my trusty stick! It's been with me through so much: the washing, the swirling, even the rinsing! Good times.. Good times..... (insert nostalgia here)

That about sums it up, really. Right now I'm waiting for them to dry so I can make new things with them! (this time, hopefully, without the crawly feelings.)

*blogger is prone to exagerration >.>

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