Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glue Gun MADNESS!!

Ye gods have mercy-they let me have a GLUE GUN!!

..Why didn't I have one sooner? This thing is MAD FUN! I've been holed up in my apartment with it all afternoon and-big surprise-the building is still standing!

My very first encounter with a glue gun was when I was about 6 or 7 when my mom became, for a time, obsessed with making these little decorated straw hats. I couldn't understand it at the time. I mean, really, what were the little hats for? They weren't even large enough for anyone to wear! My mom never explained it to me, or maybe she tried. I don't remember. In either case, at one point, when she wasn't looking, I stuck my little fingers into the pretty, clear fluid. It was all burny-like on my fingertips, but what I remember most from that incident was the smell of the glue. That, and the clear plastic threads that ensued as I tried my best to wave the glue off my miniscule digits.

Ahhh, fun times.

These days I'm still prone to little bits of curious mischief, but they let me have my own glue gun anyways! Who're they, you ask? They're nobody important! Well, not important aside from their occasional efforts to keep my mad genius self away from things that could eventually cause death and destruction with the right button-combo. Curiosity can take us to all sorts of places-just ask Pandora!

So, without further long-winded ado here is my first experience with my own glue gun!

So first, I wanted to try it on something actually useful and that I might need intact (I don't care what ANYONE says-that's totally the right order! >.> ) SO I started on this lovely desklamp that I broke yesterday accidentally.....

Then I fired up my lovely little glue gun. Did I mention it was a mini? Oh yah, It's mini alright-in everything but AWESOMENESS!

And VEEOHLA! It was fixed! Like MAGIC!! :D I was so proud!

So then it was time to move on to something a little more fun-like. I decided to revamp this hideous little notebook I got a set of three of at the dollar store..

Halfway through and already this lovely little leafy shape is proving to be quite tasty!

And here's the finished front bit! Only took me... an hour and a half! That's good*, right? :)

Here's the back. I got lazy so just went with a simple stripey design. Took less then 10 minutes and compared to the rest, it was quite a relief!

So that sums up todays glue gun extravaganza! I'll be posting that little notebook on my etsy shop tomorrow for a keen five bucks if anyone is interested in supporting my spaztic little rantings..

*blogger is not referring to the pictures which are obviously of rather fuzzy quality-and not entirely because of the pipe cleaners. >.>

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