Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That Time I Updated

So, I haven't updated for a while because I've been feeling kinda stagnant. Since I have nothing interesting in the way of recyclables to post at the moment, I will instead regale you with tales of tie-dye, stars, and desert journeys.*

First, to start with the least epic of all the undertakings aforementioned:

This is my latest pipe cleaner work in progress. It's been a little slow going because of how damn tedious it is to cut up little pieces of neon pipe cleaners into seemingly random sizes and then hot glue then into a mirrored spiral shape. It's enough to make a crafter want to pull out her hair and make some fuzzy art with that.

Inspired by the many crocheted Mario blankets out there using the afghan stitch, I've decided to try something of my own. This picture is actually my first attempt to use 'tunisian crochet' and my first attempt at cross stitching. I've decided to start on the first world map of Super Mario Brothers 3. It was my favorite of all the Mario games and now I'm going to add it to the Google search for 'Super Mario Bros. Afghan Stitch' bwahahahaha

Wait, what? Desert road? A little incongruous you say? Well, maybe a little, but it was of note. This past weekend Brother B, Friend C, Boyfriend J, and I spent about 9 hours driving around desert mountain ranges looking for Ghost towns. Naturally, we didn't actually find any. Mind you, we found some backwoods places. Ever hear of Crown King, AZ? I hadn't until that morning. It's over thirty miles of unpaved road (some of it snaking, without a rail of course, up a very large, steep slope of doom) until you can get to very secluded town of Crown King. I think there's something like 10 people living there-no joke.

Anyways, that concludes this wonderful, brief but full update of gloriousness. By the By, if you ever meet Tony in the Watchtower, tell him I said Hi.

*Blogger is not, at this time, on any kind of mind-altering substance