Thursday, March 17, 2011

And, Now, A Word From Our Host (rant)

There used to be few things that really put me over the edge but, lately, they're multiplying. As the Millenial Generation comes into its own socially, it is becoming more and more acceptable to act repulsively. Social conventions that should be the foundation of interaction are crumbling at an alarming rate.

Here are the few common indiscretions I find most irritating:

1. People Flake ask anyone. It is now completely acceptable to agree to plans and, right up until the last moment, keep to yourself the fact that you will not be seeing them out. Anyone who depending on you be damned. Many many many times this has happened to me lately and I can't help but feel the underpinning message of the person flaking to be "You matter less to me than the five minutes it would take to check my schedule and make sure I actually have the weekend free."

2. People Forget everything. You can ask someone only moments before a question, they will hesitate to answer, and eventually forget you asked at all. In conjunction with number 1, I feel that a lot of people use the "I forgot" excuse constantly to excuse flakiness. Add to that the fact that somehow admitting this flaw of absent-minded behavior is supposed to be some sort of free pass to forgiveness and an inevitable repeat performance.

3. People Fake The worst part of this one is that I'm guilty of it myself. People my age are always pulling facts out of their ass to explain things they "know" to be true. One-ups are common and not always honest; they have become, however, the goal of most social interaction.

4. People Hide They use past experiences as a shield to hide their flaws behind. If something traumatic happened to them when they were young it is now the reason behind every problem they will ever have. Clearly there is no outlet for people to work through their issues and lead normal, healthy, drama-free lives.

Life is work. Clearly we Millenials will do anything to get out of that work while still expecting to reap the benefits. I think the internet has made us lazy and unwilling to do the leg work for in-person interactions when there are so many easy friends online. What does it matter that you can't keep a lunch date with friends IRL when you have 413 facebook friends? The internet loves you!

It's. Just. So. Easy.

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